Fiona Johanna



I started working at Pulvas as a Public Relations. I was hired to serve customers and also promote the bar and help with its advertising.


Although Summer might be holidays for most of the people, it is the busiest 3 months of the year for workers in this industry, and in Spain those 3 months are the ones that pay off the costs for the rest of the year. Which makes every choice count and every decision important.

The quality of the group of people you hire might define your profit at the end of summer, and most managers don’t want their workers to waste their time by not being as efficient as they could. So they look for people who are fun, smiley, happy and contagious. People who can attract customers and keep their loyalty. And my team was very like that!
My team had to attract as many tourists as it could, throughout marketing communications strategies, offers, good talk and kindness. For that it was also vital to know many languages, as tourists visiting Spain might come from very different countries.

Our team had people who could talk English, Spanish, Catalan, Russian, Dutch, French and others, that was our competitive advantage. But we also had to be creative and think many ways to compete, such as creating themed events and involving our clients with games.

I found the job so exciting I worked very hard for it.

For each leaflet we handed, each worker earned an extra 0.25 cents, which was for me, motivation enough. When summer ended, I became the worker with the highest earned commission from our team.

And that’s how I became a fixed employee for the next two years (While studying my last two years of College)

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