Fiona Johanna

The Climate Box Project:

I have recently started a new projects with a few friends at Swinburne University.

The project is called The Climate Box, a smart vending machine that sells equipment for weather changes. Let’s say you go out and it’s sunny so you wear something light and comfortable in the sun. Now imagine it starts raining but you haven’t brought your umbrella, nor a coat! Well our idea is to provide you the umbrella, raincoat, hat, or anything you need for when the weather changes! Easy, handy and very convenient for when you’re on the go to a meeting or a social gathering.


For more information you can visit us here

Why do we think this could work? Well nowadays people are used to buy only snacks, sodas and snacks from vending machines. But why not buy items for unpredictable changes in weather? Is not that what everyone needs when they’re running late? Nobody wants to queue for 20min. in a mall to get something as easy as an umbrella. We put it easy for you.

The reason why we want to install our first Climate Vending Machine, is not just to sell items, but to also bring awareness about Climate Change to the public. It is easy to solve weather changes with our vending machine, but it is not that easy to solve on a global scale. That is why we compromise to give the money we make on sales to specific projects that will help reduce our carbon footprint on a global scale, such as producing renewable energy and other eco friendly and sustainable projects.

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