Fiona Johanna

Seems unfair to say I’ve visited Russia. I only stayed there the night and had a bittersweet experience at the airport. Signalling my short stay in Russia gives me a chance to explain the experience I had to deal with the Airline Aeroflot while I was there. When travelling to China, I had to stop in Moscow on my way there and on my way back home too. On the way back, Aeroflot messed-up the flight number shown in the screens and without further notice changed the flight door.

Unfortunately I missed my return flight because of it, and two other travellers did so too. The company took responsibility and told us we could fly the next day, however they did not provide anywhere to stay the night, and provided us with the rudest ways to explain the situation. I ended up sleeping on a bench, and just hoping for the night to go quick so I could get back home. Not a good review for the Airline, so if you ever travel, avoid their flights.

If on the other hand, you are actively looking to go to Moscow, Russia, here’s a good 10 tips blog that gives you a glimpse on what to find when you’re there, worth the read.

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