Fiona Johanna

As my last year in Coventry University, our sports society (Cheerleading) joined others in a coach journey during 26 hours in route from England to Croatia.


The company organising such events is called ILOVETOUR and has been doing this for a long time. Years ago it used to be Spain, but this year location changed to Croatia and as we have gone so many years to Spain, we didn’t mind a different country where to celebrate the end of our journey at University.

I would be lying to say it was a “learning” experience. We stayed at Porec, and people there had only one thing in mind and that was to know how many beers they could down. It was definitely fun, but 4 days there could translate into weeks as you spend all the time with the same group of people.

Still, if you are looking to go have fun, and some holidays to celebrate some special occasion (and you’re young,wild,free, or whatever) then yes, Croatia is the place to go. Also their beaches are amazing, their streets and architecture is very old-style iconic and prices are cheaper than in England. If you can, go to a Boat Party, they are insane.


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