Fiona Johanna

12188920_10208056293307915_3408625072107480930_nMelbourne was the most wonderful experience in Australia. It is not for their views (It’s a city structured similarly that any westernised city in Europe), it is for the people in it, so friendly and helpful. It is also for their food, full of superfoods, grains, healthy options and colourful asian cuisine. It is also for their events, music, art…it is impossible to run out of things to do in such city. There are festivals in the beach FOR FREE, white nights, city lights, fireworks every Sunday in the summer, Winter markets every Wednesday… it is IMPOSSIBLE to have nothing to do on the weekend, and prices are a lot cheaper than in other areas such as Sydney and up North.

Melbourne is one of those cities that makes you wanna come back, it gives you a magical feeling of belonging to that city. It is sometimes inexplicable but beautiful when you understand. For any travellers, backpackers or anyone thinking of moving away…Melbourne will not disappoint you, it has never disappointed and all the people I’ve met has always wondered “What If’ I had stayed in that wonderful oasis, it’s the combination of city life and rural, diverse people from all types of origins, close to the beach, close to the mountain, it has it all!

Not only that, Melbourne has been chosen as the most liveable city in the world for 5th year in a row. It is a beautiful city full of art, music, good wine and food. It is the ideal place for expats to move around and also for backpackers to stay as a break of their travels. We went to every museum, every bar and every hidden place, some very touristic and some more local.

Personally, some of the best places were: Hozier Lane:Pictured1

The Skydeck:Picturdde1

The CBD full of colors:Picturezx1

And full of secret places, like rooftop bars and terraces (Rooftop Cinema):Picture541

Foodwise, try Spud Bar, their food is amazing. If not, Sushi Hub has the best Sushi and very affordable.


And if you’re looking for a good beach, go to Brighton instead of staying in St Kilda:


Winter time…you can go skiing


Summertime? Go rent a van and explore the Great Ocean Road

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 18.29.06

Or stay camping in the Grampians! Full of waterfalls, amazing views and at night you’ll see the starts shining more beautifully as ever.

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