Fiona Johanna

The journey is long, the road is dark and frightening, but together we can reach our destination: the Tasmania of which we all dream, where all are welcome and all prosper, made no longer of lies but truth, built not of rich men’s hate but our love for our island and for each other.


Tasmania is one of those places where you don’t expect much, but it blows your mind once you visit.

It is not really on the map of backpackers (or not that often) as there are other places in Australia people would rather go to. However, Tasmania is a breathtaking destination with clear blue waters, penguins and turtles. Little islands you can visit down South, and beautiful scenery all around.


We went in November, it wasn’t warm enough so we still had to wear our jumpers on.

Once we arrived, we hired a 7 seater Van and travelled all Tasmania with it for 4 consecutive days. It is true that 4 days are not enough to see all what Tasmania has to offer, but it was enough to give us a glimpse of how local people lived, and most importantly how they ate!!! Their restaurants, their brunches and oh my! Those Eggs Benedict are something out of this world. And the cheapest wine turned out to be the tastiest wine I’ve tried so far. Not only that, Tasmania offers all kinds of scenarios, from chilled beach days, to wonder around through Lavender fields (Although it wasn’t the season when we went) and waterfalls.


We also joined the company of dozens of Wallabies, which were NOT afraid to see us at all. In other places of Australia, Wallabies and Kangaroos have grown to avoid or turn away from tourists. But in Tasmania, they were still very surprised to see us and their curiosity turned out to be the cutest most entertaining experience with those animals. Without forgetting the Tasmanian devil, which was pretty cute but we couldn’t find any on their natural habitat, so we ended up visiting a “zoo” kind of place to see them.


If you’d like to know all the places we visited while in Tasmania, feel free to leave a comment and we’ll answer it as soon as we get it 🙂 Cheers


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