Fiona Johanna

I skydived in Taupo, New Zealand. At first I was just there to see my friend do it, I was too afraid to try it out and thought it would help my friend if I came to watch her.

After seeing how she was getting ready and without thinking about it too much, I decided to join and “just do it” because at the end of the day, being able to skydive in New Zealand is one of those opportunities you don’t want to miss, and although it is expensive, I see it as an investment for your own mind. Why? Because skydiving does wonders on the way you see the world afterwards. It liberates you, makes you realise of how tiny we are and how inter-connected our community is or should be.

Your problems all fade away when you are up there, you start realising what matters the most to you, and I’m not gonna lie, I’ve never been so scared in my life. But doing it made me realise that although I was scared, I was fine afterwards, and that the walls we build up in our minds don’t really exist.

The fears that reside in our minds are human-made, and sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we can do more than what we think, that we are powerful creatures than can send rockets to the moon or jump from a plane and still be OK. So whatever you are going through, take yourself into an adventure like this, do it without thinking and skydive, you’ll understand what I say once you do it, trust me.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 14.06.36

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