Fiona Johanna

Languedoc-Roussillon is located pretty near to the borders between France and Spain, and contains great beaches to visit. For us, we rented a car and had a good playlist for the 2h ride there. Have in mind it is not the easiest road to get there if you’re travelling from Spain, it has tricky roads and bumpy rides, but as I always say, it wouldn’t be fun if it wasn’t challenging.


In France you can find some of the most beautiful beaches. However, some of them tend to be private, or require you to pay a small fee to get in. If you go down South, you’ll find lovely little rocky coast beaches were to spend summer days (for free) with your packed lunch and a couple beers with your friends. If you decide to make a quick stop on the road, the views won’t disappoint you either.


The photo was taken in a small beach at Colliure, which wasn’t very touristy but perfect if you’re looking for somewhere quiet and peaceful. Restaurants there will also serve you a wide range of food, most predominantly sea-foods and tasty (really tasty) fresh fish.

If you want to know which are the best beaches to visit in Spain, have a look here. Also, have in mind what type of beach you like the most, rocky sand? Only rocks? Only sand? Decide first what you like the most, as the variety of beaches is pretty huge.

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