Fiona Johanna

As any other traveller going to Australia, I pictured the whole thing to be hot, warm and tropical. Only to realise how complex and mixed is the climate around all areas of Australia.

Melbourne is already known by being multi-seasonal on a daily basis. From the moment you wake up, to the moment you go to sleep, you’ll probably have experienced several rain storms, a couple sunny breaks and some windy afternoon tea to spice it a little. In addition, the area of Victoria offers not only beach coasts but also rocky mountains where temperatures drop more than 10 degrees. On winter, these difference in temperatures can lead to a couple tourists able to experience what is it to go skiing in Australia.



Mount Buller is a resort village in eastern Victoria, Australia. It’s known for its downhill ski slopes and terrain parks. Bike trails and footpaths also crisscross the mountain. The National Alpine Museum of Australia has exhibits on the country’s alpine regions and chronicles the history of winter sports in Australia. Mountain peaks, waterfalls and high plains characterise the nearby Alpine National Park.

We were fortunate enough to have this trip financed by a government scheme, which invests in educational experiences for students abroad, so that they can also experience the other (less-known) side of Australia.

So if you’re keen into a weekend away to ski around and throw a couple snow balls…or even if you are thinking of taking a break of all the beaches and tropical views of up-North, here you have the perfect get-away, which is family-friendly, cold as ice, and has a couple bars with mulled wine and cider. However, Mt. Buller cannot provide everything, to have the perfect experience there, make sure you bring the best company with you 🙂



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