Fiona Johanna

In Spain, after secondary school students specialise into a two-year college before entering University. I decided to specialise into Social Sciences and Business. After those two years I decided to follow my dreams and study in the United Kingdom.


I had to think proactively in how to get there, so I studied hard and got my IELTS Certificate.

After carefully looking and comparing universities, I decided I would choose Coventry University (Ranked the 15th best University overall in the Guardian Ranking Tables and 1st in Student Satisfaction)

Now many of my friends have told me that if they knew they could, they would have done it too. But in Spain nobody knows about UCAS. Most of them think there is no chance for them outside Spain.

This taught me early on the many different ways people have to reach their goals. Unfortunately many people are unaware of this and limit themselves to just the options their actual system offers.

For me personally, it was very challenging to find a way to go abroad in my budget and within my constraints, that’s why the Student Loan option came handy. Once the challenge was over, it seemed easier when teaching other students in Spain to apply for UCAS, and when given advice to where to look at. This has taught me how things can be difficult when it hasn’t been done before, but once one person does it, it creates a path for more people to join and do it too.


It was very difficult at first, the cultural adaptation, homesickness, and more than anything, not knowing the language. It was very challenging, but it wouldn’t be fun if it wasn’t.

At the end all the effort has been paid off. I’ve met so many people, I have joined societies and I have realised there’s no time to be shy! It was the best decision I could have taken, and with time, work ethic and effort, I completed my degree with a First Class.

Some people couldn’t believe I could make it in England. I am not a native English speaker and as many in my position, it’s quite usual to get stereotyped as if it’s almost impossible for us to get good grades. So I decided I would prove them wrong.


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