Fiona Johanna

Whilst I was completing my full-time internship in Shanghai, I decided to take the weekends as a good opportunity to explore the surroundings. The fact I had to be back to work on Mondays limited my exploration, I needed to find nearby places to visit during the weekend or otherwise take the week off.

On mid-autumn I experienced the first public holiday in China, the Mid-Autumn Festival, or as my colleagues called it in the office, it was “Mooncake Day!”. Everyone at work would greet each-other with pastries and dessert. On a personal note, Mooncakes are not my thing, but if you are travelling to China during this festivity, why not give it a chance? It might be your thing!

Interested to know why the Chinese eat Mooncakes for Mod-Autumn Festival? Click here to know more about the festivity.

The bank holiday was the perfect time to go somewhere a bit further than usual, Beijing. Although I would have loved to travel by flight or take the bullet train, my budget was very limited as my internship was non-paid. Me and a couple friends found this bus that would take us straight to the Great wall of China.

The bus ride took us 17 hours, including a couple breaks in weird deserted petrol stations, a bag of Chinese snacks and discovering Baiju. It also included a couple hours stuck on the road, as it was too foggy (polluted) for the driver to see the road… but at the end, we got there!


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