Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam @ Uni

Rating: 4 out of 5.

You can go to Amsterdam for a couple days or a long weekend and still get a good glimpse of what the Dutch lifestyle is. Although my family lives close to Arnhem, an hour away from the city, me and some friends decided to book a low-budget hostel in the city centre and hired some bikes to make the experience as unique as we could.

We found this ‘artsy’ hostel part of the ‘WOW’ chain and stayed there for 5 days, the hostel was recreational, respectful, full of light, colour, a great place if you’re planning to be trippin’, as it is also surrounded by nature. The only place I would have avoided is the Bull Dog, as we found ourselves rammed anxiously inside with little space and too many people queuing.

The good thing about Amsterdam is you end up discovering cute little unconventional coffee shops in any alley you walk by, so there’s always places to go if you’d like a controlled sense of self – great for when taking those coffee shop brownies – .

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