“You cannot always control what goes on the outside. But you can always control what goes on the inside.”

Since my time in China, I’ve always been a great fan of Yoga. There’s a very big community of people who join Yoga classes world-wide every day, as they know all the benefits that such activity can provide, not only physically but psychologically too.


In Melbourne they offered classes in front of the beach for sunset, and the views were mesmerising:


If you are travelling to Melbourne, there are so many pages full of information of where to go to do Yoga. Communities online were the ones who started the movement, and now there are hundreds of us doing yoga infront of the beach for only $5 or even for free.

Melbourne is one of those cities where you’ll never get bored and there will always be things to do. DEFINITELY one of the most beautiful and entertaining cities I have ever visited. To know more about Melbourne click here. A must-go.

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