Beijing, China

Raving on the Great Wall of China

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Back in the day, people in China used to take the Mid-Autumn festivity as a time to cherish the moon and it’s full cycle. In Mandarin, this holiday is called Zhōngqiū Jié (中秋节) and Jūng-chāu Jit (中秋節) in Cantonese. Some colleagues at work used to call it Mooncake day, and used to bring lots of sweets to be thankful for. Although Mooncakes aren’t my favourite thing, you should definitely try them out if you’re travelling to China during this time.

So a couple weeks prior to Mid-Autumn I was invited by a bunch of crazy expats to a party called the Ying Yang Festival in Beijing.

Their intention was to gather very different kinds of people but having all one thing in common: knowing how to have a pretty damn good time and our collective love for music. So I had to start planning how to get from Shanghai to Beijing with less than $50 in our pockets. Did I mention we’d be raving together right on top of the Great Wall of China?

I got into this ¥200 entry-coach that went from Shanghai to Beijing in 7-9h. Or that’s what was advertised, we ended up in there for over 16.5 hours, with a long 4h stop caused by the fog.

But the coach ride was also the perfect ice-breaker to get to know others going to the same festival & also to learn how weirdly deserted petrol stations can be in the middle of China. Oh, and time can really fly when you’re discovering what Baiju is.

Overall the Great Wall wasn’t just fun and music. There’s so many stories behind the people you meet along the way and so much culture bursting out of every item you find and get gifted with. I can’t recommend it enough. Try think about going before it disappears

Looking Into the festival

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