Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Many expats travel to Macau (澳門) or Hong Kong (香港) as a means to renew their entry-visa to the country, it also tends to be cheaper than going back to Europe to do it. When I started getting closer to running out of days, I took the opportunity to visit Hong Kong and see how much resemblance could this colony have with their UK friends. I loved the fact most people I asked directions responded in English straight away, something I couldn’t find in Shanghai.

You will find yourself constantly surrounded by tall buildings, narrow streets and hectic crowds – specially in the Kowloon area

But if busy makes you ‘stressy’, you can always take off to Lantau Island where you can find quieter local beaches and less people around. In Lantau you can also find the main Big Buddha, which will take your breath away -it shows you the power of silence and respect when visiting such sacred places-.

If you want to see the most iconic views of the city, Victoria Peak is where you want to go. The wait can be long -I queued around 5h. to get into the tram- but views are beautiful and worth every second waiting.

The views in Hong Kong are something hard to get used to. So make sure you check out some rooftop bars like the Wooloomooloo (Wan Chai); with tasty food and great music while watching the city’s sunset.

Hong Kong In Pictures

Credits to unsplash

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