Studying at Coventry

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Many friends have said during the years how great it would be to have the opportunity to join an english university, that if they knew they could apply, they would have done it too. But at that time, not many people knew what UCAS is. The way I got into it was by listening a family friend mention her daughter was going to live in the UK thanks to this UCAS application ‘thing’ so I googled it straight away.

After having to decide which path was best suited for me and within my budget, I was suggested to opt for a Student Load which allowed me to fund my UK degree. Leaving Spain wasn’t easy – the cultural adaptation, homesickness and more than anything, not knowing the language very well – It was tough at times, but I was too curious to know what would happened if I carried on.

At the end all the effort paid off. I learnt English, met great people through different societies and I realised there was little to no time to be shy. After a while, I started to score higher grades, speak more fluently and ended up completing my degree with a First.

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