Peniche, Portugal

Surfing in Peniche

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What draws me into surf is the following life lesson you get from it: You can see the anger in the ocean by the size and strength of the waves it produces. Now, you can go against the anger as it is intimidating – better to stay away from it – or you can use that same anger in your advantage to ride the waves faster and better. It’s what you get ‘’from the other side of fear’’ as some say. 

However learning to surf can be tough. It’s a constant fight against the ocean currents. You get up, you fall, you pick yourself up again and off you go into the deep water. You keep doing this cycle until suddenly you don’t fall anymore, or you fall less often. Through this sport you don’t just get fit, it helps practice patience with yourself. You discover not only what’s the best timing for your body to stand up, but what’s the best foods to keep you fuller for longer so you can surf more. 

If you’ve ever thought of doing surf but can’t seem to afford it, Peniche is a great location for it. I stayed at Ferrel Surf House . They are a family owned business and made sure I felt very welcomed and cared for. You can choose how long you want to stay for, alongside other surfers who you will be getting lunches and dinners with – easiest way to make friends -. The classes are divided between Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced, each with an allocated surf instructor – Check their bundles here.

Peniche in photos

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