Steve Aoki

Crowd Surfing with Steve Aoki

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I went to my first Steve Aoki concert when I was only 15. But since then I have gone multiple times and met fascinating people on the way. My favourite memories from those concerts were when I thought by being small I could squeeze my way into the frontline. I had to give a big elbow fight so to not get completely stepped into;

What I didn’t know is the photographer had seen from the distance the fight I was putting up, and started to get concerned for safety. He offered his hand to me so I could get out of it and breathe. Thanks to that little act of kindness, I was dared to jump on a boat into the crowd – and that was SO MUCH FUN! –

I ended up spending some time with Steve and his crew, checking out some cool music and got to know a bit more of the life a photographer had – who tended to travel wherever Steve went – . Since then, I’ve gone to all kinds of concerts and festivals where I can find that same level of creativity, exploration and movement away from any judgement.

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