Fiona Johanna

Fiona J. Oudeman

Personal note:

Did you know “passion” derives from the Latin word “Pati” which means “Suffer”? It is defined nowadays as an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. And statistics have stated the use of the word “passion” have decreased over the last 200 years.

Why would the origins of the word imply passionate people are the ones who suffer? As part of our human behavior, we associate success with endurance, a triumph with a set of failures and satisfaction to higher levels of intrinsic motivation. It is so of our nature to suffer for what we love, as to know the benefits we await are much bigger than the present suffering.

“And passion is, at its core, a form of pain that demands it be quenched. It’s not for the faint of heart or those who lack patience — which is not the ability to wait, but the ability to suffer for what is worth” Vivek Haldar.

This is what new business and marketing are for me, a passion.

I aim to change the way people perceive Advertising and Marketing. Marketeers are not always brain-washers who create fake needs to be satisfied. We are explorers, curious adventurers who discover what society needs and help the market realize how useful it can be.

I am here to help any enterprise with good ideas to market themselves to the world. I am here not to make you buy what you don’t need, but to help you realize you can also help make this world a better place.

Our society is developing a more conscious mind, and with passion I commit to help market and deliver good ideas to the world, helping social enterprises, leading sustainable development and new discoveries in innovation.


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